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12 photo(s) Updated on: Monday, February 22, 2021
  • Wolff House, c.1799, Bethania, NC
  • Wolff House Bethania, NC
  • Historic Wolff House believed to be the home of Ludwig Wolff who was a young fifer at the Surry Muster Field in September, 1780. Descendants of Wolff participate in the annual OVTA march.
  • NPS Group Superintendent John Slaughter and acting OVNHT Ranger Garrett Jackson at 234th Anniversary of the Battle of Cowpens, January 17, 2014, Chesnee, South Carolina
  • RARE - One of only a few OVTA Charter Member patches ever produced!!!
  • 1980 OVTA Annual March Patch
  • 1979 OVTA March Patch
  • 1978 OVTA March Patch
  • 1977 OVTA March Patch
  • 1976 OVTA March Patch
  • 1975 OVTA March Patch
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